Window to Heaven

When I was eleven years old I watched a wedding video that has been branded into my mind ever since...specifically the window frames that were the backdrop of the ceremony. 

As the couple stood their, pouring out their love and commitment to each other, I couldn't help but wonder why those window frames had taken me captive. I wasn't a Christian at the time so I didn't understand the meaning behind them however I just knew one day I would have them behind me and my future husband. 

This summer I met someone and it clicked. Their was something so different about him, more specifically about his joy he so evidently had. As I was thinking about this guy's joy, my mind so randomly went to thinking about the windows. I don't know what the people in the video meant for the windows to symbolize but I realized in that moment what they symbolized to me. 

It is a picture of the gospel. Just as Jesus was a window through which we could see God our gracious Father, I want every thing I do and everything I am to be a window through which people see the love of Christ.

I grew up very fearful of men, viewing them as aggressive and unloving which made it really hard not to view God like that too. When I met this guy, he was the window through which I saw Christ's joy and affection and tenderness towards me for the first time. And for the second time I fell in love with Him all over again. 

I want my life to be a window for other's to see Christ's love & joy & peace & affection. I want my marriage to be a window through which people see the love of the Bride and the Groom and the intimacy Christ desires with His children. I want my every action, relationship, and word to point to God's grace. 

My step-dad Jimmy used to say, "Don't be a door, Junior" whenever I would stand in front of the TV. If it weren't for Christ I still would be a door, desiring that people see my own glory... my intentions would still be not to point to God's glory but to stir people's affections towards myself. He has graciously shown me what it looks like to live in joy as a window for His glory verses the burden of being a door for our own glory. I pray that you can learn from my lesson and not go on desiring relationships with men that don't point to Christ or doing things that fulfill your desires but not glorify God.

It is a lie from the pit of hell that doing things as a means for our own glory will make us happy. 

It is a gracious gift from Him that we are most satisfied when we abide in Him and live our life to be a window for His glory. The race to the finish line is most joyfully ran when Christ is the end goal and not when something found on this earth is. 

Our sole purpose on earth is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (Psalm 86:9).